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New Basking In-App Reporting Offers Easy to Share CRE Insights for Workplace Executives

  • Date: December 12, 2022
  • by Olmo Mezger

The dynamic nature of commercial occupancy and utilization requires ready access to actionable analytics, a need amplified by the lack of reliable precedent for the current environment. Critically, the CRE insights and reporting need to be easily communicated among all relevant stakeholders—a challenge for data traditionally mired in legacy systems. 

Reporting at Your Fingertips

Basking has incorporated a new feature that allows users to generate reports seamlessly via our app. With this new in-app reporting functionality, Basking’s users are able to understand the occupancy trends and opportunities for their sites within minutes. The reporting alignment with individual CRE goals ensures CRE professionals can get occupancy reports and insights targeted to their individual needs. Most importantly, the automated reporting feature allows people to share the key findings and recommendations for a site easily with the senior management of an organization.

Achieve Your CRE Goals

With this new feature, users have a frictionless experience getting actionable insights and recommendations for their sites relative to internal goals and areas of focus. The first release of this feature provides reporting for two major objectives:

  1. Back-to-Office: The Back-to-Office report aims to provide relevant KPIs to real estate management teams that help them bring people back to the offices while accounting for the limitations of social distancing and post-pandemic preferences.
  2. Workplace Management Report: The Workplace Management report supports the local facility teams by providing daily occupancy trends while highlighting future opportunities for the site, including portfolio (under)utilization and optimization potential.

Easy to Share, Easy to Understand

Real estate teams can easily share the report for a site with unlimited users within the Basking App or download in PDF format. The deck-formatted PDF means the CRE insights and reporting can easily be shared with senior management via email or leveraged for presentations.

The reports feature a Key Insights and Recommendations slide at the very beginning which allows users to skip the details and understand the most important aspects of occupancy in a site. From there, each slide includes an Insights Section to call out key talking points and make it easier for stakeholders to comprehend the occupancy trends for a site.

Partner With Us

Basking is committed to helping organizations maximize their real estate investments and reduce their environmental impact. Stay tuned for additional CRE goal reporting in the near future! If you have suggestions or would like to see how Basking can transform your occupancy analytics, please feel free to reach out to us at

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