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Ranking Sites by Occupancy

  • Date: October 6, 2022
  • by Olmo Mezger


Basking has introduced a new feature for real estate management to rank sites by their utilization.

Portfolio users now have access to a new card that ranks their sites by utilization. The users can choose either peak occupancy or average occupancy as the ranking metric.

Furthermore, the new card facilitates users to rank the sites in Ascending or Descending order. With Ascending order, the users get a view of the Top Most Underutilized Sites in the Portfolio. Similarly, in Descending order, users realize the Top Most Overutilized Sites.

The card also allows ranking the site utilization either based on the absolute occupancy numbers or occupancy relative to the capacity of the sites. For easier comprehension, the sites are colored based on their market location.

Identifying Most Underutilized Sites

Real estate and workplace managers struggle to identify the underutilized sites in their portfolio. With Basking’s new card in Ascending order, users can quickly recognize the sites with low occupancy rates.

It can be used to discover sites that can be sublet, closed temporarily, or even permanently.

Identifying Most Crowded Sites

An ideal office does not have an occupancy rate of more than 85% as overcrowded offices tend to deteriorate employees’ productivity. With Basking’s new card in Descending order, users can recognize sites with the highest utilization rates that require their attention.

It can be used to discover sites that need more office space or require space repurposing.

Once users identify their underutilized or overutilized sites using this new card, Basking can help them with further analysis to unlock new opportunities for their businesses.

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