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Understand the Duration of Visits

  • Date: August 2, 2021
  • by Olmo Mezger

Usually, workplace managers tap in the dark when it comes to understanding how mobile their population is. So far, the main blocker has been collecting the required data. Because of strict data protection regulations, tracking individuals is not an option. Additional technical challenges have made it difficult and expensive to find alternatives.

At Basking, we believe we have solved this problem by providing a tool that is focused on the needs of workplace managers, technically simple to implement, economically viable, and most of all, fully GDPR compliant. By analyzing WiFi data, Basking can provide a limited level of “Occupancy Identity”, which is enough to calculate advanced mobility metrics such as the duration of visits, yet have no negative impact on data privacy.

Duration of Visits in the Office

The new metric Duration of Visits unveils important characteristics of how your population uses the office. Together with the frequency of visits, the duration of visits can also be used to define characteristic personas. Consider the following real-life examples. The interpretation of these examples strongly depends on your goals as a CRE manager.

Office with mostly short visits

Occupancy Behaviour — Duration of Visits — Office with SHORT duration of visits
Occupancy Behaviour — Duration of Visits — Office with SHORT duration of visits

The duration of visits in this office clearly shows a high mobility degree, where the office population of little time on site. Most visits are short.

Office with long visits

Occupancy Behaviour — Duration of Visits — Office with LONG duration of visits
Occupancy Behaviour — Duration of Visits — Office with LONG duration of visits

In comparison to the first example, the second graph shows an office with a more “classical” distribution. There is a small peak for short visits that includes visitors and mobile employees, but the majority of the visits are around 7 hours long.

What’s Next?

The Duration of Visits is a strong indicator of behaviour, but it’s not the only one. We are currently working on creating a similar graph that will show the Frequency of Visits.

Update: We have released a complementary tool to understand the frequency of visits to the office.

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