Duration of Visits

Understand the Duration of Visits

Usually, workplace managers tap in the dark when it comes to understanding how mobile their population is. So far, the main blocker has been collecting the required data. Because of strict data protection regulations, tracking individuals is not an option. Additional technical challenges have made it difficult and expensive to find alternatives. At Basking, we…

Daily Unique Occupants

Another thing that changed during the COVID-19 pandemic is the behavior and meaning of the daily peak occupancy metric. Before the pandemic, peak occupancy correlated almost perfectly with the distinct persons that came to the office on a particular day. Usually, employees went for several hours to the office, so the chances that everyone met… Hello WiFi iPhone

Why encourage employees to connect to the WiFi Network

Encouraging employees to connect to WiFi is the best way to increase the accuracy of WiFi occupancy analytics. But why should employees do it? Here are some important points and arguments that might help you drive the discussion, create clarity and bring everyone on board. 1. Privacy protection and IT security First and foremost: Privacy protection…

Capacity Normalization

Normalization of Occupancy

Different roles have different needs. An important part of our users has a strategic focus. Their decisions are long-term and therefore tend to include all available information into their decision process. By adding new services for the COVID-19 pandemic, we have are addressing a more operational need. Today we are launching a new user setting… Back-to-Office Recommendations

Back-to-Office Recommendations

Understanding occupancy during the Back-to-Office phase is essential to calibrate the communication to employees and management. We have developed the Back-to-Office Recommendations card as a powerful opportunity insight tool to assist workplace and office managers. Why a Back-to-Office recommendations? Data is always a nice thing, but it is also difficult to handle and understand. Generating…

Post-COVID Workplace Occupancy Scenarios

Forecasting the New Normal Workplace Occupancy

How will the new normal occupancy of my offices change after the lockdown restrictions are lifted? What will be the new role of our offices? What should I know, especially regarding leases that are expiring soon?  At Basking, these are some of the frequent questions we hear from our customers. Real Estate and workplace managers…