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Collaborate and innovate with passionate people to build mind-blowing products

Make mom proud

Winning in the market only happens if we work in an environment of safety and trust. It’s on us to create a place where our voices are heard and we do right by one another.

Be candid and assume good intent

The only way to perform at the highest level is by listening to each other. When we share candid feedback and make a conscious effort to get better, we grow as a business.

Blow our customers’ minds

Customers are at the center of everything we do. We’re here to know our customers inside and out and to deliver an experience they could never have imagined.


Our values

Our values are not only what we believe, but what we live by. We believe the corporate real estate is not a cost center anymore. It is critical to attracting, enabling, and retaining top-quality employees.

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Our attitude to business

Champion your ideas and career in a culture that empowers you.

Belong to a vibrant, values-driven community that celebrates your whole self

Help the world securely connect and collaborate from anywhere, at anytime

Our job postings

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Box is global

To be able to bring your (___) self to work, we want you to feel your best

North America
From our HQ in Redwood City to our other hubs such as New York City, Chicago, Austin, Toronto and all our remote locations, we power how the world works together from anywhere.
Box is a company that is continuing to expand our presence globally. We have Boxers in locations from London, Warsaw, Paris, Munich, and Amsterdam.
Box is securely connecting all over the world, including APAC. With our main offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sydney – we are collaborating in more places than ever.

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