Dr. Eldar Gizzatov

Co-founder and CEO

Eldar is the founding CEO of Basking Automation, having worked on the venture since its inception in 2017. Prior to starting Basking, Eldar was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Allianz X, where he was a founder and CEO at FairFleet – the drone services marketplace for real estate and insurance. Before working at Allianz and FairFleet, Eldar…

Rinat Silnov

Co-founder and CTO

Rinat Silnov is Basking’s CTO, responsible for software design and implementation for all aspects of Basking’s app and backend. Prior to Basking, Rinat was a Senior Software Engineer at Quantenna Communications Inc, working on the advanced cloud solution for WiFi monitoring, analysis, and optimization. Before that, Rinat worked as a Full-Stack Software Developer at Clevertech.…

Olmo Mezger — COO at
Dr.-Ing. Olmo Mezger

Co-founder and COO

Olmo is the COO of Basking Automation, responsible for the product, operations, and enhancing the customer experience. Olmo started working on Basking together with Eldar while at Innogy Innovation Hub. Back then, Olmo was a technical advisor for ventures in energy and AI. He has been working in IoT, Data Science and Cleantech development since…