Basking & Colliers: real-time occupancy analytics for occupiers worldwide and Colliers International

Occupancy Data drives Workplace Management Excellence 

Transition to flexible workplace and portfolio optimization opportunities are top of mind for real estate managers, whose responsibilities are to make sure that employees always have a comfortable and productive workplace environment.

Managing occupancy proactively to avoid overcrowding, and maximize space utilization pays back extremely well and real-time occupancy analytics is an essential tool in this process. Deloitte estimates that “a switch to “flex office” (with unallocated workstations, fewer than the number of employees), with a rate of 30 to 50%, can save up to 40% of space, crystalizing material savings (e.g. rent, charges, taxes, CAPEX, and OPEX)”.

The challenge is that deploying a sensor-based solution across multiple offices can be a daunting task. Occupancy sensors and gateways have traditionally been expensive to deploy, and can potentially create issues that would keep Data Privacy Officers (DPOs) and Information Security Officers (CISOs) awake at night.

Why Basking and Colliers?

  • Less than 2 hours to deploy: Basking can be connected to multiple buildings at once via existing WiFi infrastructure
  • Top ROI at scale: Basking’s network-as-sensor approach is most cost-effective for portfolio-wide occupancy analytics
  • A complete offering for data-driven real estate strategy planning, combined with Colliers’ occupiers and workplace advisory services
  • Integrated with Colliers360 suite of technology apps for full interoperability

Stop missing out on workplace data and optimization opportunities

Basking’s network-a-sensor approach provides a fast, scalable and highly cost-effective way to enable occupancy analytics. Basking is a technology leader in workplace data transformation, working with top occupiers and landlords across the globe. Its cloud-based application provides real estate and workplace managers with real-time occupancy monitoring, social distancing compliance and ongoing insights on real estate opportunities. It also provides a real-time data feed enabling space utilization reporting, insights and alerts for employees through multiple partner applications.

Colliers and Basking 

Colliers and Basking have partnered since 2018 when Basking has participated in Colliers Techstars Proptech Accelerator program. As partners, Colliers’ experts in workplace solutions and occupier services and Basking – an occupancy analytics platform, providing granular understanding of how space is used – are helping clients better plan staff allocation, lease handling and portfolio strategy.

Certified Data Integration 

We’ve done the groundwork for an easy setup by certifying interoperability between the Basking application and Colliers360 suite of technology apps. Joint deployments for all Colliers360 clients are implemented faster and are easier to maintain.

Next Steps