COVID-19 Response with Cisco DNA Spaces

Free access while work-from-home policy is in place

What’s going on?

As our clients across North America, Europe, and Latin America are adopting remote working strategies in response to COVID-19, we’re seeing a dramatic drop in occupancy in the offices we are monitoring, between 80 and 90% drop within weeks. This is in line with the WHO guidance, which considers the quick implementation of remote working policies to be one of the key social distancing and quarantine measures in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

How can Basking and Cisco DNA Spaces help?

We believe that having transparency during this time is critical for the operation of offices and teams. Now that Basking’s workplace occupancy analytics platform is available for all Cisco customers on Cisco DNA Spaces App Center, it can seamlessly connect with existing enterprise IT infrastructure.

This combination allows Basking to start collecting data quickly and safely as part of COVID-19 response. In addition, Cisco has provided a 90 day free trial period for DNA Spaces subscriptions, which will further help to simplify and expedite connecting the Basking app to customers’ office locations.

Monitoring employees’ office-to-office mobility

Understanding the mobility patterns across offices is essential for a fast reaction in case of positive COVID-19 cases. Knowing how people travel in your organization and have traveled recently, is the key to an effective and fast response.

Real-time Occupancy Monitoring

As companies are encouraging remote working, the majority of the offices across the world are now closed to all except for the essential employees. It is important to understand what the real occupancy in the office is during these times, and to make sure that people present have enough space to minimize the risk. Basking provides an area floor density report specifically designed for this.

Office Occupancy Drop because of COVID-19

Optimize Cleaning Services According to Real Utilization

Cleaning services should now be able to prioritize the areas that were recently used by the employees still visiting the offices, spending more time where it’s needed and less where it’s not. This will allow the make sure there’s sufficient capacity for urgent sanitization in case of confirmed COVID-19 cases among visitors.

Occupancy breakdown by Areas

Basking offers a comprehensive cloud-based floor plan occupancy dashboard that shows how areas are occupied across the office floors. The dashboard can be easily shared with property management providers for optimal cleaning schedule.

Data-driven Real Estate Costs Optimization

With real estate being one of the top costs positions in the budget of most companies, portfolio optimization will become a key opportunity to support the business bottomline. Portfolio-wide insights on space utilization will provide the solid data-based background for making decisions on the space needed.

Real Estate Opportunity and Optimization COVID-19

If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19-specific reporting, get in touch with Basking at today, we’ll support in any way we can.