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Maximize your assets’ value, track every assets’ occupancy in real-time, and take informed actions towards sustainability KPIs

As an asset manager, you’re focused on both maximizing the value of your assets and providing investors with the growing cash flows from your rental properties portfolio.

Each building in your portfolio is inefficient in its own unique way, which adds up to all the operational costs you could avoid. When not solved, these issues can make it impossible to get LEED, DNGB or BREEAM certifications and / or decrease your portfolio’s Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) scores. This in turn can make the funds you manage less attractive to investors.

“ROI-first” approach to energy savings and increasing NOI

Improving your buildings’ efficiency is a proven way to cut the operational costs, but without a timely and cost-effective data collection and analytics tools most energy efficiency initiatives are bound to be complex, capital-intensive and protracted.

Basking’s approach is different than traditional installation-heavy one. We first establish the connection with the existing systems, starting with energy meters, WiFi and access management to unlock your space utilisation, occupancy, and live energy data.

By tracking these baseline KPIs across their portfolios, users can now make informed decisions on their energy efficiency measures with a clear ROI and payback period, funded by the energy savings they are creating. This way Basking’s users can increase their net operating income (NOI) by reducing operating costs and improving the tenant comfort at the same time.

Energy savings increase the portfolio value

by lifting up the NOI

Energy savings vs baseline consumption Savings per square meter Value increase per square meter
10,00%3,00 €57€
15,00% 4,50 € 86€
20,00% 6,00 € 114€
25,00% 7,50 € 143€

Using the income approach to estimate the value. Baseline energy consumption rate assumed – 30 EUR / sqm / year, cap rate of 5,25%.

Use live occupancy data to manage vacancy and value risks across your portfolio

Basking - WiFi-based Real time Occupancy Analytics, area activity

Occupancy data is a basis of performance measurement and portfolio analysis. Now by deploying Basking’s WiFi-based real-time occupancy data collection solution across your assets you can track the office buildings occupancy levels with unprecedented granularity.

This real-time data provides the risk managers with a better way to forecast the probability of a tenant vacating a property, failing to meet their rental obligations or failing to renew a lease can have a detrimental impact on rental returns. Knowing how the asset is being used day in and day out is proving to be very valuable tool in managing the tenant mix and ultimately growing the overall portfolio value.

Portfolio-Wide Data Visibility

By using Basking across all of your assets, you can see how each office in your portfolio is behaving in terms of occupancy and energy consumption rates and compare similar buildings over time. This data is then used to better forecast the future performance of your assets and portfolios in terms of standard real estate metrics – total return, capital growth, income return, rental value growth and occupancy rates.

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