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Buildings are one of the main contributors to global warming. They require energy, resources and produce waste during the construction phase, during years of operation, and finally during their disposal. Since they are indispensable for all human-related activities, it’s wise to find and implement ways to mitigate the impact. While many speak about building efficiency, we believe that, for offices, occupancy is even more important. What is the point in efficiently heating up and cooling down unused space? 

It’s common knowledge in the real estate industry that utilization in office space is around 60%. Additionally, recent studies have shown that even this rate is even lower. This is what we aim to improve, and it can be done with our award-winning AI and WiFi workplace occupancy analytics platform.

Environmental protection and sustainability are the core values of all members of Basking’s founding team. Sustainability is the reason why we started Basking in the first place!

Studies show that about 29% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – the main source of global warming – can be attributed to buildings. If we are to be successful in fighting climate change, it is imperative for all corporate occupiers to reduce their environmental footprint. Our whole team is committed to building the best product to make this happen. 

Fighting global warming is a complex task, and we believe that the greatest impact we can have as a company comes from our technological solution and its wide adoption. Based on our case studies, Basking’s occupancy analytics solutions can help our customers to reduce their total space needs. Additionally, our customers were able to cut energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions by more than 13%, simply by aligning the energy use with the occupancy patterns. This is remarkable because the investment was minimal.

Imagine how much energy can be saved even without the need to retrofit or additional investment? We are working hard to enable occupancy metrics monitoring on a global scale. This will reduce the amount of space underutilized and allow sustainable occupancy management in commercial real estate worldwide. 

We’re committed to helping our customers to:

1. Manage real estate ESG data

Basking’s insights enable ongoing monitoring of key ESG metrics like occupancy-related CO2 emissions across offices. This simplifies the sustainability reporting process and improves its effectiveness.

2. Improve energy efficiency

By using Basking, our customers understand their offices’ occupancy in real-time. This allows them to adjust the consumption to the actual needs of the building, increasing the efficiency without the need for big CAPEX investments.

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