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Instant Insights: Bringing AI to Occupancy Analytics

Combining Basking’s pioneering AI-based modeling approach with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy, Instant Insights makes it easier and faster than ever to unlock new occupancy data


Actionable AI-Based Insights Without Technical Setup

Powerful suite of occupancy analytics solutions that drives savings and optimization at scale, without complex integrations or subscription fees

Unlock your data with estimates tailored to your portfolio

  • Understand within seconds how your offices are used worldwide
  • Discover utilization and real estate potential across your portfolio
  • Identify recommended actions for improving efficiency

Unlimited Team Members

Collaborate within teams and across the organization to streamline day-to-day operations and support major initiatives

Enterprise-Grade Security & Privacy Protection

An all-in-one platform that combines leading security, compliance, and privacy with the tools you need to succeed

Join the Private Beta

Instant Insights is currently in private beta. Join the waiting list to get early access.

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