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Imagine having the ability to predict workplace occupancy patterns with unparalleled precision and adaptability. Basking’s Instant Insights accomplishes precisely that, ushering in a transformative era in how we comprehend and enhance workplace utilization. By employing an amalgamation of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, Instant Insights unlocks the power of an office’s metadata to provide real-time and precise occupancy trends.

Olmo Mezger
Cofounder and COO
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[Q3 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks] The State of RTO: Finding a New Equilibrium

“This is not the first structural change we’ve gone through in the industry; [when we went from one-person offices to…

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Product & Features , Reporting , RTO
Mastering the Future of Work: Data-Driven Return to Office Strategies

In today’s dynamic work environment, companies are navigating the delicate balance between the benefits of in-person collaboration and the newfound…

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Instant Insights , Product & Features
The Power of AI behind Instant Insights

Basking’s Instant Insights: Revolutionizing Workplace Occupancy Prediction Imagine having the ability to predict workplace occupancy patterns with unparalleled precision and…

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Benchmarking , occupancy , Research , Research
Q2 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks | The Future of Work: Embracing Opportunities, Redefining Success

Return-to-office policies continue to evolve as organizations navigate the still-changing occupancy dynamics of hybrid work and post-pandemic office life. Whether…

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back-to-office , Behaviour , occupancy , Product & Features
Return to Office Goal now available in Basking

Many companies are considering implementing Return to Office (RTO) goals or mandates to encourage employees to use available office space….

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The Time is Now: Unlocking the Sustainability Potential in Your Portfolio

As the first Paris Agreement Global Stocktake looms large, assessing collective progress toward the 1.5º C ceiling on planetary warming,…

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Benchmarking , occupancy , Research , Research
Q1 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks | Flexibility in Flux Navigating the Evolving Workplace Landscape

Has the Return to Office movement peaked, or are there still surprises in store? Predictability has been in short supply…

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Unlocking the Secrets of Your Office Space with Basking’s Business Unit Space Analysis Report

At Basking, we understand that workplace managers have a lot on their plates. From managing employee productivity to keeping up…

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