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Increase your sustainability and improve the employee experience while lowering costs and maximizing your portfolio



Global air filter technology leader improves utilization and employee experience through portfolio consolidation in Singapore, using Basking’s occupancy analytics.

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“This was about more than just gathering the workforce in one place. With Basking, we were able to give them the opportunity to come together as a team in agile and flexible working environments. This partnership has allowed us to achieve our vision of the office as a ‘city centre.'”

Tim Schmitt
Global Workplace Experience Manager, Mann+Hummel
Professional Services, Consulting

Colliers U.S. Secures Cost Avoidance With Data-Driven Portfolio Management

Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company with operations in 66 countries, managing more than 2 billion square feet of property. The company’s 18,000 professionals provide expert real estate and investment advice to clients across multiple asset classes including office, industrial, retail, multi-family and alternatives. The state of Texas has one of the top economies in the world, and the Colliers Dallas-Fort Worth office is committed to serving this vibrant, rapidly growing market.

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“The insights Basking provides are a perfect complement to our market expertise. In any strategic decision data is key to building out our assessment and action plan, and the real-time occupancy analytics give us the actionable intel we need to make those decisions with confidence.”

Michael Harding
Vice President, Strategy | U.S. & LATAM

“As a global leader in commercial real estate services, we take our commitment to our clients, our investors and our people seriously. That means partnering with the best technology available, and Basking is at the top of that list—their real-time occupancy analytics takes the guesswork out of high-stakes portfolio management.”

Frank Blanton
Senior Vice President, Operations & Finance I U.S. & LATAM
Finance, Asset Management

Global Real Estate Investment Company Reduces Expenses and CO2 Emissions Through Portfolio Consolidation

PATRIZIA SE has been active as an investment manager in the real estate market for more than 38 years, with total assets under management of over EUR 57 billion. With operations around the world, Patrizia offers investment opportunities in real estate and infrastructure assets for institutional, semi-professional, and private investors. PATRIZIA also manages real estate and infrastructure assets, primarily as an investment manager for insurance companies, pension fund institutions, sovereign funds, savings, and cooperative banks. To enable its customers, the company employs more than 1000 professionals in 28 offices worldwide – from Europe to Asia.

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“Basking makes it really easy to just plug and play. It’s fast to get up and running, accurate, and easily customizable. We can track occupancy across all of our buildings from one application and quickly share the data internally and with our suppliers. This is the basis for the occupancy-driven facility management model we’ve adopted at PATRIZIA to achieve improvements in sustainability and workplace conditions.”

Michael Saugspier
Manager, Procurement & Services

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Colliers U.S. Secures Cost Avoidance With Data-Driven Portfolio Management

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Global Technology Leader Improves Utilization and Employee Experience Through Portfolio Consolidation

Mann+Hummel, a global technology leader specialized in filtering, uses Basking to improve utilization and employee experience through portfolio consolidation.

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