How It Works




Basking is a simple and intelligent building automation platform for flexible workspaces, providing landlords and operators with the ability to integrate, control, and automate systems and services according to their operational needs, while overcoming technical barriers, making their spaces smarter.



By integrating active systems within the workspace, the various capabilities of the platform can be unlocked. As users connect additional devices, they can derive more metrics and correlations from data that was previously siloed, enabling a higher level of insights generation and task automation across building services. The more data is fed into the platform, the better it performs and the more capabilities users can employ to serve their needs.

  • Visualisation: Visualize space utilization across various metrics, including energy consumption, occupancy, system usage, etc.
  • Benchmarking: Compare metrics to industry benchmarks in the areas of energy, occupancy, revenues and costs.
  • Correlation: Correlate insights and metrics from various devices make informed decisions. For example, see how well your space is doing by looking at Energy consumption vs. Occupancy vs. Type of users.
  • Notification and task management: Receive notifications and alerts based on system performance or set thresholds – assign actions to generated notification or create new ones based on operational data.
  • Automation: Automate tasks across services and devices based on pre-set rules,  user preferences, and system conditions.


Building systems vary in complexity and connectivity, ranging from WiFi, access management systems, CRM systems, to more traditional ones such as energy meters, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and light systems. Basking can connect and integrate any of these devices, starting from API enabled devices that can connect directly to our secure cloud-platform.

Bus-based or metering-based systems can be connected via specialised controllers and an IoT gateway from one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Intel, Dell and Advantech – a secure and interoperable IoT network is easily set up within the building space, collecting and aggregating data, and only exchanging necessary information with the cloud platform.

Once the IoT gateway is set up, additional IoT sensors and controllers can be simply deployed within the space and connected to the network, unlocking additional data sources and enabling more control over the space.

User experience

With additional services such as Slack, email, and 3rd party integrations, key insights, notifications, and some system commands are made accessible to users in the right place and at the right time, without interruption to their daily activity.


Depending on what type of systems and devices users choose to connect and the capabilities they unlock, using Basking will bring:

  • Energy efficiency: minimize energy consumption and carbon footprint;
  • Improved operational performance: reduce costs to manage and maintain the building, by analyzing the data streams collected and automating tasks across integrated services;
  • Increased occupant well-being: improve the environment and help occupants perform better, improve their health and wellbeing, and enjoy their time in the space;
  • Safety and security: this can range from base requirements such as building access and detection, to emerging needs, such as improved indoor air quality and environment with the addition of IoT sensors.