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Occupancy Insights You Can Act On, Across Your Entire Office Portfolio

Powerful, CRE oriented, highly customizable occupancy analytics software trusted by Fortune 500 companies and around the globe

Data Integrations

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Simplified occupancy tracking at scale

ROI driven approach for sensors

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Additional integrations, both data sources and data destinations, are included


Infrastructure-as-a-Sensor and more

Connect existing data sources, and integrate new ones. With over 20 integrations already available in our directory, your occupancy analytics is just a few clicks away.

Instant Insights

Free occupancy data based on AI, tailored for your specific workplace.

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Leverage your existing corporate WiFi system as a workplace occupancy sensor array.


Leverage your legacy corporate wired network system (LAN) as a workplace occupancy sensor array.

Badge Systems

Existing badge systems are one of the traditional sources for occupancy data.

PIR Sensors

PIR sensors are a cost efficient occupancy detection solution.

IWMS Systems

Integrate your IWMS system into Basking to sync meta data and floor plans. Also, visualize occupancy metrics right from your IWMS system.

Barrier Count Sensors

Barrier count sensors are designed to count people going in and out through an entry point. These sensors provide a total count of a site, floor, wing or room.

Thermal Image Sensors

Thermal Image Sensors are designed to count occupancy on different workplace settings, like workstations, collaboration areas and meeting rooms. The sensors can also be operated in "barrier" mode.

Workplace Experience Applications

Leverage data produced by workplace experience applications for occupancy analytics, e.g. room and desk bookings. Publish occupancy data to your employees.


CRE Specific Analytics

The only Workplace Occupancy Platform that speaks CRE, seamlessly guiding workplace and real estate managers from data collection & visualization, analysis & KPIs to knowledge & actionable insights.

Understand occupancy at scale

Basic occupancy metrics are essential to understanding how your employees are using the available space.

At Basking, basic occupancy metrics are the base fur more advanced KPIs, insights and recommendations.

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People count and space opportunity

In case some of your locations are showing underutlization, Basking will recommend two different opportunities to tackle the issue, either increasing the headcount or reducing the workstations.

Each insight shows the estimated occupancy if acted upon, along side with the commercial value and environmental impact.

Occupancy benchmarks built in

Compare occupancy, duration and frequency of visits across your portfolio against our benchmarks.

Understand what differences in your portfolio can be attributed to the impact of different locations, and identify anomalies.

Return to office

Return to office opportunities and scenarios are essential to estimate the impact of RTO goals on your office occupancy.

Basking let’s you define your RTO goal, understand compliance over time, and explore occupancy scenarios for alternative, more ambitious goals.

Repurpose space

Understand required shifts in space types, e.g. from workstations to break out areas or vice versa.

Basking has built-in insights and reports highlighting the current and optimal ratio of space types.

Head count growth projections

Compare occupancy, duration and frequency of visits across your portfolio against our benchmarks.

Understanding these questions is essential to plan ahead with your CRE planing, especially for fast growing organizations, or fast growing locations.

Meeting room utilization

Meeting room utilization, correct meeting room ratios, and sizes of meeting rooms are essential for a productive and empowering working environment. At the same time, it is complex to analyse and get right.

Basking has specific functionality around meeting rooms that let you track booking, usage, and occupancy in order to present recommendations about amount and size for meeting rooms.

OPEX optimization

In case your altering your office space/ lease is not an option, Basking can provide recommendations for temporarily closing spaces, food waste avoidance, optimization of employee transportation schedules.

Dynamic FM

Why clean if nobody was there? Automatically control your FM processes using occupancy as a trigger.

Basking lets you automatically send notifications to cleaning providers, ordering food, ordering supplies and other FM related activities.

Do you have other plans for Occupancy Analytics?

Great, we have the analysts. Let’s discuss your specific questions so that we can propose new metrics, insights and recommendations for your specific usecase.


Modern Software with Even Better Service

Because one size does not fit all, Basking comes with exceptional service and customer success experience.

Customer Success Program

Our experts and customer success managers will be available for you and your team once a month on our regular customer success call.

Your extended real estate analytics team

For us, to adapt the product to your specific needs is mandatory. Therefore, we need to be in the loop of what you and your team are up to. Customers share with us their CRE and workplace goals, and we are able to recommend new metrics, insights, recommendations, reports and product features.

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