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Basking leverages the existing building infrastructure to help companies understand how people interact with spaces, where they work and meet across the entire portfolio, without the need for additional hardware sensors or manual counting studies.

Using WIFI as the primary source of data, the Basking software securely connects to the existing wireless network consisting mainly of wifi access points distributed within the space. These access points see the wifi-enabled devices connected to the network or within its vicinity.


The connection enables the network management system to securely and unidirectionally send data to Basking, limited only to the data needed, not more.


Basking automatically starts anonymizing and analyzing the incoming data stream – and after applying a series of algorithms to filter the data and assess the positioning of devices using location triangulation, the software accurately transforms this data into anonymized aggregated statistics on the number of people and their location within the space, in near-real time.

Visualization and analytics

Basking provides actionable insights for a single location or an entire portfolio when connecting 2 or more locations to Basking, via our user-facing web app or directly into the customer’s IWMS via API integration.

  • Dashboard & reports: Utilization KPIs and insights, trends over time down to area-level
  • Location heatmap: floor-by-floor heatmapping with different area types
  • Portfolio overview: compare locations and evaluate real estate performance by location, area types, etc.
  • Powerful analytics: compare floors, areas, teams, and locations to uncover trends and optimization opportunities.

GDPR Native Product

At Basking, we take strong measures to reinforce the security of our data and comply with privacy laws and regulations, including GPDR. Many of those measures are built into the design of our solution, while others are key principles we apply when working with the customer data.

  • Pseudonymized device MAC addresses
  • No granular occupant data – only aggregated statistics
  • No control or impact on the network
  • Secure servers in the cloud with access control preventing unauthorized access
  • Compliant with privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR.


For more information, please refer to our Security & Privacy Concept.



Basking also helps clients in becoming privacy-compliant, ensuring that any occupancy analytics solutions deployment, including Basking, does not violate the privacy of employees and teams using the space.


To understand how you can be compliant while providing better workplaces to your teams, send us an email at

Additional data sources

Once the WIFI-based analytics is in place, Basking integrates other existing data sources to further enrich the insights with additional information. These include access management systems, integrated workplace management solutions (IWMS), employee / tenant-facing apps, facility management software (CAFM), and building management systems (BMS).


Basking also works with clients to deploy occupancy sensors and other IoT components from our network of partners to enable additional use cases, such as room booking, phone booth availability, etc.

Certified Technical Partners

Basking works closely with the world’s leading networking providers as a strategic partner, including Cisco, Cisco Meraki, HPE Aruba and Extreme Networks. This means that our solution integrates seamlessly with their networking solutions, is certified to run on top of those solutions, and enjoys a wide network of distributors to support clients and advise them on all their needs.

Why Basking?

Basking is trusted by several large organizations around the globe to deliver insights and value on a daily basis while ensuring the data is maintained in compliance with security and privacy requirements.

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