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Global Technology Leader Improves Utilization and Employee Experience Through Portfolio Consolidation

Mann+Hummel, a global technology leader specialized in filtering, uses Basking to improve utilization and employee experience through portfolio consolidation.

By the Numbers

9 hours average office visit time

2 times per week average office presence

73% of visits are Monday-Wednesday

30% improvement in use of space

The Customer

Leadership in Filtration

A family-owned company with over eight decades of experience in filtration, Mann+Hummel is a global technology leader with more than 20,000 employees across 80+ sites worldwide.

The company’s focus on sustainability and stewardship goes much deeper than recent trends and regulations; they have taken their vision of “Leadership in Filtration” seriously since their foundation in 1941 and seek to provide key technologies that enable a cleaner planet and contribute to common goals.

Innovation Sets the Pace

Mann+Hummel products not only ensure cleaner mobility, air, and water worldwide, they set the pace of industries and provide competitive advantages for their customers. To foster that innovation, the company recognizes the importance of the employee experience in supporting employees to give their best every day.

In Singapore, Mann+Hummel had three departments spread across two different office locations. As the pandemic triggered a trend towards reduced office presence, the company was also leaning into collaboration-focused spaces—they sought to create a space for creativity and collaboration between teams and business units while promoting agile work culture.

“This was about more than just gathering the workforce in one place. With Basking, we were able to give them the opportunity to come together as a team in agile and flexible working environments.

This partnership has allowed us to achieve our vision of the office as a ‘city centre’.”

Tim Schmitt

Global Workplace Experience Manager


OneTeam ● OneGoal ● OneVoice ● OnePlace

While company culture was foremost, the team identified other benefits to bringing together the different business units as well—including the opportunity to consolidate locations and departments, hire new employees, and reduce overall office space.

Work Better, Together

The intersection of a hybrid workforce and an engaging in-person culture was creating a dynamic, desirable office space, so the team turned to the numbers.

Leveraging their Basking analytics dashboard full of insights about occupancy trends at both Singapore offices, they dove into real-time usage and employee patterns.


Digital Hubs: Concentrated Expertise

Not only does the new office have higher utilization in a smaller footprint, it offers an agility and workflow that makes cross-functional collaboration effortless. The collective depth of knowledge encourages empowerment, flexibility, and innovation, a benefit for the company and their customers.

In reviewing the Basking analytics for the new site, the company found that the centralized approach was successful in creating overlapping “home zones” for the departments to collaborate naturally. Thanks to Basking, they also know that the space is not yet at capacity, with room to grow and continue focusing on their mission.

Where can Basking help you save?

The Basking analytics platform can be leveraged in a number of applications and organizational scenarios, with the flexibility to provide multiple analytical graphs, trends and insights, and customized reporting capabilities.

Fast to Deploy

No additional hardware, no setup time, no installation costs | API integration with existing WiFi infrastructure within minutes.

Highly Scalable

Basking can scale across tenants or locations very quickly, making it affordable and convenient at scale.


Private information is not collected; MAC addresses are pseudonymized.

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