Global Real Estate Investment Company Reduces Expenses and CO2 Emissions Through Portfolio Consolidation

With all the moving parts involved in CRE and portfolio management, real time analytics are a non-negotiable. 

Assessing occupancy levels is critical to understand the real estate utilization at office level and the potential for conservation strategies, but for many organizations relying on manual counting this analysis is slow to implement, time-consuming, and detrimental to the productivity of the management team.

PATRIZIA SE partnered with Basking to incorporate a fast, secure, and non-intrusive real time occupancy analytics capability they could leverage immediately as well as scale. With the analytics insights gained, PATRIZIA is benefitting from €1 million in total contract savings and 143 tons of CO2 emissions eliminated.

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“Basking makes it really easy to just plug and play. It’s fast to get up and running, accurate, and easily customizable. We can track occupancy across all of our buildings from one application and quickly share the data internally and with our suppliers.

This is the basis for the occupancy-driven facility management model we’ve adopted at PATRIZIA to achieve improvements in sustainability and workplace conditions.”

Michael Saugspier
Manager, Procurement & Services – Patrizia

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