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[WEBINAR] 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks | Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The Shattered and New Norms Shaping Workplace Culture

Workplace management faces new challenges in 2024 as organizations look to balance talent retention and labor shortages with cost-cutting objectives. Occupancy rose in 2023 compared to 2021 and 2022 but has flattened over time, underscoring the idea that hybrid work is here to stay. Moving beyond the temporary and stop-gap solutions of the pandemic era, businesses must rethink the nature and potential of their work spaces in practical, sustainable ways.

Join Basking for an analysis of global benchmarks and occupancy trends in 2023, with special guest Kate North, Principal – Workplace Innovation & Transformation for Global Workplace Analytics. She will join Basking CEO Eldar Gizzatov and Head of Data Analytics Anjali Grover to discuss:

  • How 2023 performed overall and how regions compared globally
  • What new or persisting trends say about office norms and employee engagement
  • Which approaches are driving innovation and helping companies adapt
  • How workplace persona analysis can take your strategy to the next level

Watch now to gain insights and strategies for a productive, engaged workplace.

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