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Basking Automation ( is working with corporate real estate managers and office space operators who are looking to measure space utilization, reduce operating costs and retain talent. Basking is solving these problems with real-time occupancy analytics software that is cost-effective, easy to use and focused on fast multi-site deployments.

Securely connecting to your IT infrastructure

At Basking, we take strong measures to reinforce the security of our data, and comply with privacy laws and regulations. Many of those measures are built into the design of our solution, while others are key principles we apply when working with the customer data.

No personal data

In order to ensure your employees’ privacy, Basking does not collect, store or process personal data. Basking irreversibly anonymizes any relevant data collected from the devices connected to your network. Once the data is arriving at the Basking server, we anonymize it on the fly: Basking hashes, salts and truncates MAC address so that it’s not identifiable. The server then stores only that hashed, salted, and truncated version of the MAC address.

As a result, Basking will not be able to trace the MAC address information to the real identity of a single person. Additional protection steps are taken when using several WiFi equipment vendors, e.g. Cisco Meraki, where the MAC address is hashed before it reaches the Basking backend, further strengthening the privacy aspect.

No specific occupant data

Basking is purposefully not collecting any data that would allow us to determine the identity of a single person. that means that we never know the location or behavior of any specific individuals. Basking aggregates reporting at the team level at a minimum, providing a high-level view of occupants within a space belonging to one team.

We collect what we need, not more

Once we connect to WiFi, Basking works with the IT team to securely receive data from additional sources and systems within your premises, to further deepen the occupancy and utilization insights. Team allocation for example allows users to track occupancy by team or department to better plan the workplace.

An automated script matches and stitches the data together, and anonymizes it behind your firewall, before sending it securely to Basking. This gives the customer full control over what is being shared and how. You hold the key.

Alternatively, Basking can help you set up your own instance in your own cloud or private clouds, where you can stream the data as needed quickly and securely. Once we had over the instance to you, you will set up your own passwords and so Basking will never be able to access the instance.

No control over your network

The Basking platform can only “read” the data from your IT system, and only receive what you give us access to from the other sources to further enrich the insights, the data flow is always unidirectional. Basking can never gain access to your network or make any changes to it. The performance of your network and its security levels remain intact.

Secure servers

The Basking cloud backend is hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud platform, from servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. The data is further secured by Amazon, ensuring the highest safety standards, and in compliance with European and other data security and privacy legislation.

Access control and protection

From the user perspective, Basking provides roles-based access control to give the client full control and visibility as to who is accessing and viewing the data. maintains a system to examine, assess, and evaluate regularly the effectiveness of the Security of processing the client data. Access control is put in place to prevent unauthorized access, changes, copying, or deletion of the stored data. Basking also ensures that only persons with respective authorization may access the stored data according to such authorization, and therefore has technical (ID/password security) and organizational (user master data) measures for user identification and authentication.

Technical and organisational security mechanisms

At Basking, we implement a series of technical and organisational security mechanisms to ensure our high standards. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Why Basking

Basking is trusted by several large organizations around the globe to deliver insights and value on a daily basis, while ensuring the data is maintained in compliance with security and privacy requirements.

  • Basking enables clients to uncover occupancy and space utilisation insights, without jeopardizing the privacy of their teams
  • All relevant data is anonymised
  • Access control put in place to prevent unauthorized access
  • Fully compliant

Contact us

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