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Q1 2024 Global Occupancy Benchmarks: Return to Office as Mandate or Magnet?

Office visits increased in frequency in the first quarter of 2024, but utilization is still far from uniform. Are RTO strategies that require or entice employees back to the office working, or is employee behavior a stronger factor? Join Basking for a first look at the global benchmarks and occupancy trends for 2024, with industry perspective from HelloFresh Director of Workplace Strategy Derrick Bock.

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[WEBINAR] Q1 GLOBAL OCCUPANCY BENCHMARKS | Flexibility in Flux: Navigating the Evolving Workplace Landscape

Are we any closer to a new normal for global occupancy and utilization? Concerns of economic uncertainty are driving many…

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[WEBINAR] 2023 Workplace Occupancy Benchmarks: Unlocking Success in the New World of Work

Workplace strategy is top of mind for organizations heading into 2023, with historical norms irrelevant and change seemingly the only…

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[WEBINAR] Q3 Workplace Occupancy Benchmarks: The Return to Office

As you recalibrate your CRE strategy amid the return to office, data is critical to understand the ongoing shifts in…

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