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Basking offers a workplace occupancy analytics platform that is fully integrated with Cisco Meraki access points and Meraki MV cameras. 

Cisco Meraki for Workplace Occupancy Analytics

Basking uses the “Network-as-a-Sensor” approach to provide a workplace occupancy analytics solution that is 

  • easy to use and fast to deploy across multiple offices at once, 
  • affordable at scale,
  • protects the employees’ privacy. 

Basking leverages the existing Meraki infrastructure (WiFi Access Points and MV Cameras) in combination with our proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide the customers with insights into workplace occupancy, space utilization, and mobility patterns (see how Basking works)

Our integration with Meraki Cloud enables it to securely & unidirectionally send data to Basking, limited only to the data needed, not more. (See Basking’s data privacy and security documentation)

Requirements and Granularity

Basking supports all Meraki WiFi Access Points and all Meraki MV Cameras.

Cisco Meraki WiFi Access Points and MV Cameras for workplace occupancy analytics

Ideally, Basking uses the WiFi integration to provide the analytics at portfolio, office and floor level. Meraki MV Cameras offer a higher granularity, and thus are perfect to provide the data for area, room (e.g. meeting rooms) and desk level analytics.

Cisco Meraki WiFi Access Points

Basking works with all Cisco Meraki WiFi access points, as they are all integrated into the Meraki Scanning API.

Cisco Meraki Scanning API

Basking currently supports the Cisco Meraki Scanning API versions 2.0 and 3.0.

MV Cameras

Basking currently supports all Cisco Meraki MV cameras.

Cisco Meraki Integration Guideline

The following articles explain in detail how to connect with the Meraki Scanning API:

COVID-19 Response

Please read our general COVID-19 Response Page.

Business Challenges

As the companies worldwide are preparing for the lockdown restrictions to be lifted, most of them are struggling to provide a safe office environment for staff returning to work with:

  • No real-time data on office occupancy;
  • No real-time alerts to ensure compliance with density per person standards;
  • No ability to trace visits from offices affected by the outbreak.

Basking Solution for Cisco Meraki Customers

Basking’s AI & WiFi-based occupancy analytics platform is uniquely positioned to help companies in post-COVID-19 times. It‘s a quick-to-deploy, highly scalable, and non-intrusive solution.

Basking’s real-time occupancy monitoring enables:

  • Automated compliance – reporting and tracing based on governmental density and social distance standards.
  • Safety & productivity insights – safe return to offices via staggered shifts, optimized cleaning and lower desks capacity.
  • Cost savings – data-driven portfolio optimization based on the adoption of work-from-home policies.

Basking is providing free access to its app while the lockdown restrictions are in place.

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COVID-19 Response Features

  • Real-time office attendance tracking.
  • Automated social distancing compliance, incl. real-time alerts if the density levels are exceeding the predefined values.
  • Office-to-office mobility monitoring for fast response measures when a positive COVID-19 case is identified.
  • Real-time occupancy heatmaps dashboard for cleaning services to prioritize the cleaning of the recently occupied office areas.
  • Forecasting post-lockdown office occupancy levels based on mobility patterns and Work-From-Home adoption among the employees.
  • Instant data streaming based on Cisco Meraki Scanning API integration.

Start using Basking

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and start using your Meraki WiFi infrastructure as a sensor for workplace occupancy analytics.

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