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2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

“We’re looking closely in order to really ensure that people are coming into the office, [but] they have to still…

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[Q3 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks] The State of RTO: Finding a New Equilibrium

“This is not the first structural change we’ve gone through in the industry; [when we went from one-person offices to…

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Q2 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks | The Future of Work: Embracing Opportunities, Redefining Success

Return-to-office policies continue to evolve as organizations navigate the still-changing occupancy dynamics of hybrid work and post-pandemic office life. Whether…

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Q1 2023 Global Occupancy Benchmarks | Flexibility in Flux Navigating the Evolving Workplace Landscape

Has the Return to Office movement peaked, or are there still surprises in store? Predictability has been in short supply…

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Global Occupancy Benchmarks | 2022 Learnings, 2023 Vision—Unlocking Success in the New World of Work

Looking for the right workplace strategy for CRE success in 2023 can be challenging due to the constantly evolving dynamics…

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Global Occupancy Benchmarking Report Q3 2022: Emerging Patterns of Return-to-Office

What trends are emerging as companies worldwide are returning to office? To find out, our team at followed up…

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Global Occupancy Benchmarking Report Q2 2022: Return to Office So Far

Has the Return-to-Office improved since Q1 2022? To find out, our team at followed up on the report describing…

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Global Occupancy Benchmarking Report Q1 2022: Return to Office Begins

Average peak occupancy rate was lower than 40% in Q1 2022 globally and was lowest (9%) in LATAM.
People are now using offices in a non-traditional way. Globally, ~44% of weekly visits to the offices were for “once a week” with LATAM leading the category with 56% visits. Moreover, on average, ~37% of the global visits lasted for less than 6 hours.

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Basking’s Global Occupancy Benchmarking Study 2021: The End Of The Five-Day Office Week Is Here

One of the key insights that stood out for us was the end of the five-day office week. This is clear when we look at the frequency of office visits per week: 40 to 64% of the employees worldwide are coming to the office only once a week, and only 10-26% of the employees are now visiting the office 4-6 days a week. 

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