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Facilitate a More Dynamic Workplace with Mobility Personas

With the stabilization of the new normal that emerged from the pandemic, the future of work is now unmistakably hybrid…

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In-App Insights and Recommendations with Live Feed

One of the biggest challenges in managing a workplace today is understanding the space and how it’s being used by…

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The Basking Top 5: Counting Down Our Favorite Updates of 2023

Over the past year we have worked to ensure Basking remains the most accessible, impactful, and easy-to-use occupancy analytics tool…

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Mastering the Future of Work: Managing a Successful Return to Office Strategy

There are as many Return to Office (RTO) strategies as there are companies implementing them, a reminder that this high-stakes…

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New Insights Provide Stability for a Changing Workplace

The pandemic-fueled shift to hybrid work seemingly transformed the scope of the office and workplace management. As organizations look to…

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Mastering the Future of Work: Data-Driven Return to Office Strategies

In today’s dynamic work environment, companies are navigating the delicate balance between the benefits of in-person collaboration and the newfound…

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The Power of AI behind Instant Insights

Basking’s Instant Insights: Revolutionizing Workplace Occupancy Prediction Imagine having the ability to predict workplace occupancy patterns with unparalleled precision and…

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Return to Office Goal now available in Basking

Many companies are considering implementing Return to Office (RTO) goals or mandates to encourage employees to use available office space….

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2022: A Strong Foundation for What’s Ahead

With 2023 off to a fast start, we are looking forward to a strong year building on the momentum of…

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